Collings & Herrin. Image shows from L to R: Andrew Collins, Richard Herring

Collings & Herrin: Podcast 101

Ha! Fooled you! Even though we hinted that there would be no more Collings & Herrin Podcasts because we are now too famous and successful and rich and on the BBC and everything, we were lying. Here is Number 101, which is full of the usual stuff: shameless plugging (not least for the just-out Headmaster's Son double DVD from Go Faster Stripe), whimsical filth, a passing smudge of topical news-based humour and a rambling anecdote from Richard which begins, innocently enough, with some baked legumes. There will be a sanitised, faintly professional-sounding podcast from this Saturday's 6 Music show in the usual place on Monday. Most of you don't deserve us.

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  • Published: 11th February 2010
  • Length: 66 mins
  • Size: 61mb

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