Collings & Herrin. Image shows from L to R: Andrew Collins, Richard Herring

Collings & Herrin: Podcast 94 (Live!)

Podcast 94 was recorded in front of a near-sellout crowd amid tinsel, prizes and Up-style balloons at the tremendous Duke Of York's Picturehouse, scene of our triumphant first full show in May, a triumph we foolishly hoped to replicate tonight. It was an odd crowd. Many seemed on the verge of hysteria. There was, shall we say, an interactive vibe in the air. Highlights include a rendition of Richard's "racist song", composed at the age of 10 and further juvenilia, including Andrew's own primitive Profanity App, made in about 1973, and the public debut of Richard's story The Dectives. There is also a cursory look at Tiger Woods, more Go Go Hamsters and a fox going up an escalator. We hope the at-home version conveys some of the bizarre atmosphere.

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  • Published: 9th December 2009
  • Length: 66 mins
  • Size: 60.9mb

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