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Collings & Herrin: Podcast 20

In the relaunched podcast, which is very different to the others, we discuss theology, Nazism, Communism, homosexuality, transexualism, hypocrisy, the ageing process, the importance of context in the media and why Ian Blair should wear a tie, the idiot. (Alright, it's just like all the others.)

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Published: 4th July 2008.   Length: 61 minutes.   Size: 56mb

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Collings and Herrin.

Podcast 21

Date: 9th July 2008   Length: 65 mins   Size: 59.5mb

In our twenty-first podcast, two days early this week, we discuss corn-stuffed caviar, kelp-flavoured cold Kyoto beef shabu-shabu, hairy crab "Kegani" bisque soup, salt-grilled bighand thornyhead with vinegary water pepper...


Collings and Herrin.

Podcast 22

Date: 17th July 2008   Length: 64 mins   Size: 58.8mb

In our 22nd podcast, we bring perhaps the most important news story of the year to wider notice, unfathomably buried at the bottom of Page 6 in this week's Sun,...


Collings and Herrin.

Podcast 23

Date: 25th July 2008   Length: 59 mins   Size: 53.9mb

In our twenty-third podcast, in light of Radovan Karadzic's arrest for being an acupuncturist, we discuss the amazing disguise possibilities of growing a beard, Christian Bale getting bail, the key...


Collings and Herrin.

Podcast 24

Date: 1st August 2008   Length: 63 mins   Size: 58mb

In this twenty-fourth podcast, Richard is in Edinburgh (as evinced by his Loch Ness monster hat and local drink) and Andrew is in London, but miraculously, they have made a...


Collings and Herrin.

Podcast 25 (Edinburgh 2008)

Date: 6th August 2008   Length: 59 mins   Size: 53.9mb

In this historic podcast, recorded live in front of a committed, rain-sodden, early-morning weekday Fringe audience at the Underbelly in Edinburgh (pictured), we go through the Scottish versions of the...


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