Ward Alsafi.

Ward Alsafi

Ward Alsafi is an actor, writer, director, producer, comedian, stand-up comedian, artist, youtuber, author and clown.


a comedian who has produced/written/directed/performed/filmed/edited (amongst other slashes) various comedy items for the last decade. This includes online sketches, as well a website containing various written pieces and stand-up performances.

For the last four years they have focused on creating content, developing skills in comedy writing, performance and production. They are now focused on continuing to produce low-budget experimental online content, but with a view to building an audience and engaging with the industry.

To that end they are seeking representation and collaboration opportunities.

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Ward Alsafi.
Ward Alsafi. Copyright: Victor Pãtrãscan.


Year Production Role
2019 WAWHOA Various
2019 WAWHOA Writer
2019 WAWHOA Director
2019 WAWHOA Producer
2019 WAWHOA Editor
2019 WAWHOA Director of Photography
2018 Space At Once Various
2018 Space At Once Writer
2018 Space At Once Director
2018 Space At Once Producer
2018 Space At Once Editor
2018 Space At Once Director of Photography
2017 WA - Etc Various
2017 VTPP Various
2017 VTPP Writer
2017 VTPP Director
2017 VTPP Editor
2016 WA - Etc Writer
2016 WA - Etc Director
2016 WA - Etc Producer
2016 WA - Etc Editor
2016 WA - Etc Director of Photography

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