Video clips

Naomi Narrative - Covid 19 testing

The testing for Covid 19 antibodies can be confusing - have you had the virus or haven't you?

Dave Green's Street View Show - Tony Marrese

Dave Green and fellow comedian Tony Marrese take a virtual trip around the world using Google Street View and Dave's trusty green screen. They visit key places in Tony's life and discuss what it is that led to him becoming a comedian.

The Last Shambles

Greg is very ill and unable to attend Shambles allowing Harry to have an important meeting away from prying eyes. Meanwhile Toby has some big responsibilities to take care of.

Shambles - Jive Prison

Harry has finally had enough of Toby's constant mistakes, if anything happens tonight he's out. Meanwhile there is romance is in the air but Lex has other ideas.

Shambles - High Spirits

Will Shambles go ahead? Lex has a surprise visitor who has other ideas. Family tensions are raised as a mysterious presence looms over the night.

Shambles - Tumbleweed

Greg has had enough, the night is dying on its arse and and a Merengue class seems like a more reliable option. It's time for Harry and the team to shape up or ship out, but can they...

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