Tony Law.

Tony Law - A Lost Show

Tony Law - A Lost Show

The King of post-modern nonsense, Tony Law presents his funniest, most meaningful show.

This show is available as either a download or a mind bending headband. This red terry-towelling headband perfectly compliments the blue headband for Tony's last show. If you buy one, you'll get a code on the back of the packet which you can use to download the show.

A mind-changing, comedy-art, laugh-affirming experience you'll never forget. Expect accents, observations, shouting, clowning, shadows, shadow puppets, a space bear puppet, music, bad music, falling and white face paint. This show finds the vulnerability in us all.

Watch him and through laughter - rise, happier. You cry, with laugh. 'What was that!?' 'I loved that'. Then you smile to yourself. 'Tony, you grande dickhead, you making me thinking while you do 'up' voice shouting 'n' clownsing and then, somehow, through idiocy and your bones of funny - Tone, I know what you mean'.

First released: Saturday 20th July 2019


  • Interview
  • Whole Thing From Above

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