Tom Oxenham

  • Actor, writer, director and producer

Video clips


Everyone knows the Spiderman story: man gets bitten by spider, gets spider powers, becomes hero. But radioactive metamorphosis is a two-way street. So what about the spider who bit Peter Parker? What ever became of him?

Skim for England

Frank wants to be a world champion. His chosen discipline? Competitive stone skimming. A tosser for as long as he can remember, Frank believes that with discipline, dedication and purposeful practice, he's sure for victory.

That's All Relative - Episode Three

In this week's episode, we help Poor Old Dan find his Dad after searching for 30 years.

A Quickie In The Office - Episode One

Is it okay to fart in the office? Should women wear strap-ons to rectify the gender pay gap? And what do you do if your co-worker appears to have the plague?

The workmate who is always on Twitter

A sketch about your social media-addicted colleague.

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