Tom Hancock
Tom Hancock

Tom Hancock

  • 36 years old
  • British
  • Director, writer and producer
Tom Hancock

Tom Hancock is a UK based writer and director.

Year Production Role
2022 Man or Tree Producer
2022 Man or Tree Director
2022 Man or Tree Writer
Friday 4th December 1987 (36 years-old)
Home town
Resident of
England (Chester)

Tom keeps his daytimes free to write and his pen to pad co-ordination sharp by managing Chester's favourite cocktail bar-bistro.

Working with his co-writer/director, Varun Raman, he is an award-winning short filmmaker with his most recent being Man Or Tree, selected by Sir Mark Rylance to air on Sky Arts, a winner at Clermont-Ferrand, a Vimeo Staff Pick and a British Comedy Guide Production Award 2022 finalist.

He was picked for the BFI's Director Training course and their short film Script Lab development programme. The resulting sci-fi comedy, INTO THE BETAVERSE, which has been submitted for BFI Film Hub North funding consideration in 2023 with production company Grey Moth as producers.

Tom has also co-written two one hour TV pilots. The first being a toxic masculinity thriller, RUBBERNECKER which topped Coverfly's 'All Time' Red List for TV Thrillers. The second script, INHERITANCE, is a satire with a family drama-horror backdrop and is new on the competition circuit.

To get a view from the other-side, he's been a screener for SXSW's episodics and for shorts for Fantasia International Film Festival and a script consultant for Industrial Scripts, where he mainly chose to work on comedies and thrillers. For Tom, any drama without a hint of those two elements is just a bad film. Hence, Network and Dr. Strangelove are his barometers for great films.

Comedy is Tom's main focus at the moment is to write on sitcoms, as there is so much to learn in comedy but sitcoms are the most challenging and fast paced settings to do this.

He studied Philosophy & Politics at the University of Manchester and history, probably as a result of growing up in a historic city. The Stuarts are his favourite period because of its perfect blend of people thinking they know what they're doing and not, whilst also looking ridiculous.

Tom would have loved to write on Horrible Histories, Plebs, The Great, Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman, Big Mouth, Disenchanted, The Good Place, Peep Show, Succession, Fargo, East Bound and Down, The Righteous Gemstones, Ted Lasso, Mythic Quest, The Witchfinder and Barry amongst many others. Satire disguised as simply great drama is his ultimate aim.

He is a huge John Finnemore fan.

BCG Pro Talent Awards 2022
Production (Nominee)
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