Tom Critch
Tom Critch

Tom Critch

  • 37 years old
  • English
  • Writer and script editor

Video clips

Picture the Scene

Molly and Elizabeth want to get a movie commissioned, the only things holding them back are their total lack of originality, inventiveness and creativity.

A short film by J Black Films & Provost Films.

The Piano

Wheeler dealer Toni won't quit in her attempt to convince buyers Simone and Rosie that a certain Beatle played the piano she's eager to shift.

A multi-award winning comedy short.

Is This Seat Taken?

Caitlin just wants to enjoy her trip to the movies. In a blissfully empty cinema screen, all she desires is to switch off from the outside world and watch a classic motion picture. Then motormouth Luke arrives, plonking himself down in the seat next to Caitlin. Incessantly chattering away Luke desperately attempts to make friends with Caitlin, despite the latter's clear reluctance. But is it wise to spur a conversation when speaking to a stranger?


A dark comedy about a man on the edge, concerned workmates, and a body on a back seat.

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