Susanna Reid

Four Weddings sequel: All you need to know

It launched the careers of stars like Hugh Grant, and inspired a slew of romantic comedies.

Now, 25 years after its release, most of the original cast of Four Weddings and a Funeral have reunited for a short sequel to be shown during Friday's Comic Relief telethon on BBC One.

BBC, 15th March 2019

Comic Relief complaints won't be investigated by Ofcom

Ofcom has announced it will not investigate complaints from viewers about this year's Comic Relief.

BBC, 24th April 2017

Red Nose Day: Ofcom considering investigation into show

Language used before the watershed by Steve Coogan, a game of Innuendo Bingo and a sketch by Reeves and Mortimer have come in for particular criticism.

BBC, 27th March 2017

Charlie Brooker on Jeremy Paxman and Susanna Reid

Good Morning Britain viewers who have had their fantasies thwarted might like to turn their attention to the outgoing Newsnight presenter instead.

Charlie Brooker, The Guardian, 5th May 2014

A wonderfully enjoyable edition opens with Jimmy Carr claiming that he was given coffee in his bottle as a baby and progresses through the idea that Susanna Reid may have held the Breakfast team's speed record for drinking a pint of beer ("How big are your glugs?" enquires host Rob Brydon) and that Dave Myers of The Hairy Bikers once spent Christmas locked inside a bank.

All these prompt enjoyable cross-examination but, as so often, it's David Mitchell's mock-exasperation that really lights the comic touchpaper. "We've been doing this show for a thousand years!" he wails at one point to Lee Mack. "I know everything about you, including the fact that you did not learn to drive in a hearse."

David Butcher, Radio Times, 28th June 2013

Video: Susanna Reid flummoxed by Lee Mack gag

Lee Mack's approaching the end of a 120-date tour, but as well as that he's returning to our screens in the New Year in the BBC One sitcom Not Going Out for which he wrote the script while on tour.

Lee discussed the tour with BBC Breakfast and described the best heckle, which needed some explaining to Susanna...

BBC News, 18th November 2010