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Sascha LO

Sascha LO

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Meet the 2023 Funny Women Stage Award finalist: Sascha LO

We chatted to her about sneaking into comedy shows at 13, how women can lift each other up and embracing her generation's chaos.

Funny Women, 20th December 2023

Funny Women final 2023 review

We're still reeling from this years Funny Women Awards Final 2023, which took place on Thursday evening. Read on as we hear from Zoe Paskett about the night itself.

Zoe Paskett, Funny Women, 30th September 2023

Funny Women Awards 2023 results

Kate Cheka, Chloe Partridge, Amy Spinks, Lauren Soley, Serena Terry and Sarah Bowles are the winners of the Funny Women Awards 2023.

British Comedy Guide, 29th September 2023

Funny Women final 2023 review

If the closing speeches at this year's Funny Women awards were even longer and more self-congratulatory than usual, perhaps that can be forgiven. Twenty years is a notable milestone, and there was much relevant talk of creating safe spaces for female comedians, given the recent headlines.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 29th September 2023

Finalists announced for Funny Women Stage Award 2023

The judging is over. The spreadsheet is saved. The scores are set.

Funny Women, 5th September 2023

Ten Edinburgh Fringe shows from former Chortle Student winners (mostly)

Winners and finalists of the Chortle Student Comedy Award so often go on to great things. Here are eight previous title-holders (plus one finalists up and a show we can guarantee will include a future champion) making their returns to Edinburgh this year...

Chortle, 25th July 2022

Chortle Student Comedy Award 2022: Final finalists named

Going through as wildcards from across the five semi-finals across the country are Sascha LO, Hasan Al-Habib, Ethan Wilmer-Anderson, Henry Shannon and Alex Mason.

Chortle, 4th April 2022

Brighton Komedia new comedian of 2020 final review

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 12th February 2020

Finalists announced for Komedia New Comedy Award

Nine out of the eleven finalists for the first ever Komedia New Comedy Award have been revealed. The two remaining finalists will be chosen by wild card voting which is now live.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 6th February 2020

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