Video clips

Hullraisers - Secret drugs ring?

Rana asks Toni and Paula for help when her mum is suspected of being in a drugs gang.

Ruby Speaking - Thank yourself

When was the last time you thanked yourself?

Annie Waits

We've all waited for 'the one'. The one who catches our eye, the one who keeps our interest, the one who won't expect us to trudge down that conventional path. Annie Waits tells the story of lust and disappointment, as a twenty-something waits for her adult life to begin.

Mum - Series 2 Trailer

Cathy turns 60 in the second series, and Michael has something to say... maybe.

Mum - Trailer

Starring Lesley Manville and Peter Mullan, BBC Two sitcom Mum is made by the BAFTA winning team that created Him & Her. The BBC says: "Tune in and watch a family that may just be as baffling and as loveable as your own."

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