Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. Borat Sagdiyev (Sacha Baron Cohen)
Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen

  • 52 years old
  • English
  • Actor, writer, producer, executive producer and comedian

Press clippings

Sacha Baron Cohen tells TikTok 'you're creating biggest anti-Jew movement since Nazis'

Sacha Baron Cohen told TikTok execs they are "creating the biggest anti-Semitic movement since the Nazis" after the platform was flooded with hate content.

The actor and other Jewish celebrities confronted bosses in a private call as they battle accusations TikTok has allowed a torrent of pro-Hamas videos and hatred against Jews.

Ellie Doughty, The Sun, 17th November 2023

How Ali G made fools of us all - and got away with it

As Sacha Baron Cohen plots the return of the 'rapper-stroke-idiot' from Staines, his collaborators reveal how he duped the establishment.

Tom Fordy, The Telegraph, 14th August 2023

Sacha Baron Cohen to revive Ali G for stand-up tour

Sacha Baron Cohen is reportedly working on a stand-up tour in which his character Ali G will make an appearance.

British Comedy Guide, 11th August 2023

Sami Abu Wardeh lands Channel 4 satire on the super-rich, The Sheikh

Character comic and clown Sami Abu Wardeh takes the title role in The Sheikh, a satirical, semi-improvised show for Channel 4 in which he plays a Middle Eastern billionaire trying to immerse himself in British culture.

British Comedy Guide, 31st January 2023

Borat targets Trump, Ye and antisemitism at Kennedy Center Honors

Sacha Baron Cohen skit receives mixed response at ceremony for lifetime achievements in the arts.

David Smith, The Guardian, 5th December 2022

Arrest that joke! A history of gags so offensive that punters called the cops

Stand-up Joe Lycett has revealed that he was reported to police for one of his routines. From Sacha Baron Cohen to Jo Brand, Brian Logan looks at what happens when laughter and the law collide.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 28th June 2022

The rapidly ageing comedy of Sacha Baron Cohen

With too much opportunity for political commentary, the films of Sacha Baron Cohen became smarmy judgemental projects that put each of its subjects on uneven playing fields, clearly favouring the democratic left.

Calum Russell, Far Out, 14th October 2021

Sacha Baron Cohen interview

As far as comedy disrupters go, few generate eyes-through-fingers viewing better than Sacha Baron Cohen. But it's not just the fools' game that gained acclaim: just ask the Academy, who this year recognised SBC not just for his Borat sequel but also a dramatic turn in The Trial Of The Chicago 7. Now, he's giving up the perilous undercover work and bringing new life to Ali G... on the stand-up circuit.

Jonathan Dean, GQ, 4th September 2021

Sacha Baron Cohen wins legal battle with US politician

A US politician has lost his attempt to sue Sacha Baron Cohen after the British comedian used a fake paedophile detector device on him in a TV show. Baron Cohen duped former US Senate candidate Roy Moore into appearing on his 2018 US satirical show Who Is America?

BBC, 14th July 2021

Sacha Baron Cohen sues over Borat cannabis billboard

Sacha Baron Cohen has taken legal action against a US cannabis dispensary after it used his Borat character on a billboard in Massachusetts, USA.

BBC, 13th July 2021

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