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Tim Harding's comedy diary

Call me an auteurist, but there's something quite satisfying about a takeover event, where a particular artist or group commandeers a venue for a bit to put on a run of shows.

Tim Harding, Chortle, 8th March 2024

(some of) LMAOnaise's favourite comedy shows of 2023

Settle in for a nice long read and know that if, at any point, you stop reading before the end, a great misfortune will befall you, because apparently the trend for threatening chain letters is back and everyone's apparently ok with that??

LMAOnaise, 30th December 2023

The best theatre, comedy and dance of 2023

Julia Masli comes top in the Guardian's favourite live comedies this year, although she insists her show is not a comedy.

Arifa Akbar, Brian Logan and Lyndsey Winship, The Guardian, 21st December 2023

The chaotic world of comedy props

From Bill O'Neill's slippery skins to Grubby Little Mitts' ping-pong eyeballs, performers explain why their comedy leans on more than a mic stand.

Rachael Healy, The Guardian, 7th December 2023

Rosalie Minnitt: Clementine review

While rather niche, this Austen parody has an incredible amount of energy, talent and wit and I thoroughly enjoyed.

Tash Snaith, Funny Women, 19th November 2023

Rosalie Minnitt: Clementine review

Catch it while you can, because Minnitt's stroke of genius is only going up from here.

Andrew Houghton, The Reviews Hub, 17th November 2023

Rosalie Minnitt: Clementine review

In this giddily inventive show, Minnitt plays a woman trying to bag a beau before her sentence to spinsterdom is declared.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 17th November 2023

Perfect Day: Rosalie Minnitt

The character comedian's Lady Clementine has the best supporting cast in Edinburgh. Her Sylvanian Families took us around the city.

Rosalie Minnitt, Fest Mag, 9th August 2023

Fringe in 5 - Rosalie Minnitt

Amy chats to Rosalie Minnitt as she prepares to take her show Clementine to the Fringe!

Amy Rye, Lost in Theatreland, 28th July 2023

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