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Rob Kemp

Rob Kemp - The Elvis Dead

Rob Kemp - The Elvis Dead

Elvis Presley is the quintessential rock star icon. Bruce Campbell is the quintessential B-movie horror icon (and once appeared as Elvis in the soul-stealing mummy movie Bubba Ho-Tep).

Rob Kemp is not an icon as far as he knows, but he does love Elvis and horror, and has been told that he bears a passing resemblance to Bruce Campbell.

The Elvis Dead started as a throwaway comment in a comedy green room, and is the very definition of taking a joke too far.

So don your sequinned jumpsuit, strap a camera to a greased-up two-by-four and sing your way through as much of the plot of Evil Dead 2 as you can in an hour.

The cult hit of Edinburgh Fringe 2017, this multi-award-winning (and even multier-award-nominated) one-man-horror-comedy-mash-up was recorded for posterity as part of the fourth GoFasterStripe Festival and frankly, Rob couldn't be happier about it.

First released: Thursday 3rd December 2020


  • VHS version comes with:
  • - a download code for the full show in HD
  • - a lyric book
  • - a cool postcard (with download code stuck on it)
  • - first 50 people to buy get an Elvis Dead badge
  • Extras (included in downloads)
  • - Cut Bits
  • - Interview
  • - FX Test
  • - 1st Ever Performance
  • - 2nd Ever Performance
  • - Original Show Trailer

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