Rachel E Thorn
Rachel E Thorn

Rachel E Thorn

  • English
  • Actor, writer and improviser

Press clippings

Funny At The Fringe - interview - Sketch Up!

"It's a sketch show, so I definitely wanted 'sketch' in the title. I like the way it sounds like it means something but actually doesn't, kinda like Kodak or Coldplay!"

Holly, Phoenix Remix, 3rd July 2023

50 £2k awards announced from the £100k 'Keep It Fringe Fund'

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has announced the recipients of the 'Keep it Fringe' fund, a new initiative to support Fringe artists, led by Fringe Society President Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 3rd April 2023

BCG Pro Talent Awards Writing 2022 winners

Keir MacKenzie has won the BCG Pro Talent Awards for Writing 2022, with Rachel E Thorn, Mikey Jackson, Katy Swainston and writing partnership Trevor Rudge & Simon Paul Miller the runners up. Dan Payne is the winner in the Starter category.

British Comedy Guide, 16th December 2022

Funny At The Fringe - interview - Sex, Lies and Improvisation

Sex, Lies & Improvisation is a dark comedy about why we lie to the people we love.

Holly, Phoenix Remix, 2nd July 2022

Rachel Thorn interview

We talk about Rachel's early memories of performing, styles of improv and much more.

Phoenix Remix, 4th May 2022

Q&A with Fringe performer Rachel E Thorn

"Making people literally yelp with laughter is just magical"

Chortle, 19th August 2021

Review: Sketch Up! not at the Leicester Comedy Festival

Instead of old man yells at cloud, this review starts with young-ish man shakes fist at Covid. These sketches, the work of Sheffield based Rachel E. Thorn and produced by Melanie Crawley and Gerard Fletcher were to be performed this month at the Leicester Comedy Festival, and it sure would have been fun to go see them in action.

James of Walsh, Phoenix Remix, 4th February 2021

Review: Lovefool

This one-woman show is an insightful piece of writing with some very clever comedy. Rachel E Thorn effortlessly brings her world of characters to life as she puzzles out where her future lies.

Phoenix Remix, 1st October 2020

Sex, Lies & Improvisation review

Sex, Lies & Improvisation is a fine example of the craft of improvisation and the development of a gripping story. The play makes a smooth transition from live to online format and is well worth catching.

David Cunningham, British Theatre Guide, 22nd August 2020

Sex, Lies and Improvisation review

I applaud any artist on a stage than speaks to the audience like friends and not just numbers in seats, welcoming us warmly to watch them, making us feel comfortable, and laugh instantly.

John Perry, The Demon, 15th June 2020

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