Philip Simon.

Philip Simon

School's Out Comedy Club Children's Joke Book

School's Out Comedy Club Children's Joke Book

Philip Simon's the name of a comic.
His homeschooling boredom was chronic.
He's one of these blokes,
Who loves telling jokes.
School's Out Comedy was the tonic!

Before the Coronavirus lockdown started in March 2020, I was a professional stand-up comedian and actor. Almost overnight my diary cleared and I became a supply teacher in a homeschool that OFSTED would have probably rated "Inadequate".

I loved having all the extra time with my two boys (then 3 & 5) but I also knew that, to stay creative for when gigs started up again and for my own wellbeing, I needed a comedy project to focus on. Realising that children (and grown ups) would need breaks from homeschooling I started developing a joke show that would provide short bursts of entertainment. And that show was School's Out Comedy Club.

Within a very short amount of time the jokes were flooding in, with children from all over the world sending in their favourite gags and one-liners. Some are well known, whilst others are modern takes on old favourites but, as you'll see by reading this book, they're all hilarious... there's even a few that I've written myself.

First published: Friday 27th November 2020

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