Peter Singh

  • Actor

Known for: Gigglebiz (Ensemble Actor)

Video clips

Coconut - Episode Ten

It's Pak Nation awards night and Ahmed is preparing to receive his Pak Plaque, but with Tommy Khan in the building there are sure to be fireworks.

Coconut - Inner City Youth Meet Ahmed Armstrong

With ratings plummeting on his antiquated TV show Being British, Ahmed is given the chance to turn it around with a hard hitting report on inner city youth.

Coconut - Dinner Fork, Salad Fork

Far from a one trick pony, Ahmed invites cameras on to the set of his latest production, Dinner Fork, Salad Fork; a gameshow about manners, etiquette and identity.

Coconut - Touching A Gentleman

Armed with his autobiography Touching a Gentleman, Ahmed takes centre stage and delivers heartfelt excerpts from his memoirs at his self funded book signing.

Coconut - Ahmed Armstrong's Ancestry

We take a trip back in time as Ahmed meets with a genealogist to unearth his rich British history and discover the Armstrong's who came before him.

Coconut - Ben Wood's House

Ahmed takes his protégé Bilal to a famous stately home, to teach him and his viewers about the history, art and culture of Britain.

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