Paul F Taylor
Paul F Taylor

Paul F Taylor

  • Actor, writer and stand-up comedian

Video clips

The Leaf Blowerers

A tale of territory, competition, combat and acceptance.

The Fortune Teller

Curly goes to visit a mysterious fortune teller who is going to tell him what his future holds.

Man eating toast ruins press briefing

A man eating toast ruins a UK Government Coronavirus Press Briefing.

Glove Versus Mitten

Which is better gloves of mittens? The Gloves are off! Welcome to hand arena, where Glove and Mitten do battle.

Exorcise Those Demons

Inept Sunday School teachers Christie and Anthony (Christianity) show you how to get in shape for the summer by "Exorcising Those Demons!".

27 comedians deliver one-liners

A video organised by Mark Simmons in which 27 comedians deliver short jokes.

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