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Q&A: Stuart Goldsmith

Stuart Goldsmith is a former street performer, an actor, and a stand-up comic with a series of lauded Edinburgh hours under his belt. But he's a podcaster too - having launched The Comedian's Comedian Podcast back in 2012. The podcast began as Goldsmith's way of talking to mostly UK comedians and learning more about how they approach and create comedy, but has since grown into a platform where listeners will find in-depth, sometimes two-part interviews with internationally-renowned comics like David Cross or Patton Oswalt. Now, Goldsmith is embarking on his first ever national tour with his 2015 Edinburgh show: An Hour. Below, we talk about the show itself, gimmicky titles, the podcast - and how it's helped him develop both his approach to comedy and his audience - how to get more people in the UK listening to podcasts, before finally we talk Edinburgh and his recent jump to the Free Fringe.

Chaplin Moustache, 11th March 2016

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