Video clips

Mime Utopia

After the White Utopia village was reported there is now the revelation that other "utopia" villages being set up. Victoria Yorkshire investigates.

Shambles - Tumbleweed

Greg has had enough, the night is dying on its arse and and a Merengue class seems like a more reliable option. It's time for Harry and the team to shape up or ship out, but can they...

i, Idiot

Trevor is a miraculous man. Medically there's nothing wrong with him but he still manages to be utterly incompetent at everything he does...

James Bond villain auditions

Here is footage from the leaked tapes showing actors auditioning for the villain role in the new James Bond movie, Spectre.


A Christmas comedy horror tale starring various stand-up comedians. Twas the night before Christmas and all was calm, in an abandoned department store that was once the site of untold festive atrocities...

Still Reeling - Comedy Blaps - Episode 2

Ricky is preparing an important interview for his online fishing show and needs his dad's help. Les is more interested in his empty stomach.

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