Ninia Benjamin
Ninia Benjamin

Ninia Benjamin

  • Actor and stand-up comedian

Video clips

Rhod Gilbert's Growing Pains - Shaun Ryder started drinking young

Shaun Ryder reveals to Rhod Gilbert the very first time he was served at a pub...

Hypothetical - James Acaster explains why theft is good

James Acaster challenges the guests to steal from his living room.

Hypothetical - James Acaster & Josh Widdicombe get court-martialled

Acaster & Widdicombe, attorneys at law - but could either of them get you off the hook for treason? Dara O Briain, Phil Wang, Ninia Benjamin and Roisin Conaty decide.

The Island - What is gay rock, paper, scissors?

The islanders start their own custom rock, paper, scissors tournaments - but will it end like The Sopranos or Pokémon?

The Island - Making paper planes

The panellists see who can get the furthest with their comically-sized paper planes.

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