Video clips

Content - Brand Deal

Content Content are about to go out of business, there's no money left. A mysterious brand deal could be their last chance to stay afloat.

Content - Charity

In an attempt to do some good and position the company as socially conscious the team decide to team up with a charity. It doesn't go well, especially for Taylor.

Content - The Word

In an attempt to go viral Alex says a word that is misheard by half the internet and he gets cancelled.

Content - Vlog #3 - Being Yourself At Work

Struggling to be yourself at work? A-A is out of her shell and ready to help others...

Content - Vlogs

The discovery that A-A is a secret vlogger, with a completely different personality, shocks the team and leads to some home truths.

Content - Homeless Social Experiment

In order to create some shareable content the team have decided to do a social experiment with a homeless person. Literally nothing could go wrong with such a sensible plan.

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