Micky Bartlett
Micky Bartlett

Micky Bartlett

  • Northern Irish
  • Stand-up comedian

Press clippings

First Edinburgh Fringe shows announced and on sale

The first shows have been announced and put on sale for this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 26th January 2024

More Edinburgh 2023 shows announced

Comedy management and production company MZA has announced its first 2023 Edinburgh Festival Fringe comedy shows.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 14th February 2023

Review: Glasgow International Comedy Festival

I don't know what the festival did to upset the gods but the rain was coming down in biblical proportions. On the plus side this might have helped to shift some extra tickets. What better way to shelter than at a comedy gig?

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 13th March 2018

Glasgow Comedy Festival review: Micky Bartlett

Despite, by his own admission, not hailing from the more charming side of the border, Northern Irish comic Micky Bartlett is an amiable performer, a boyishly roguish storyteller.

Jay Richardson, The Scotsman, 13th March 2018

Review: Vodafone Comedy Carnival Day 2

It's a sign of a good festival when you're get to see comics of the calibre of Kevin Bridges in a pub gig... and he's not even headlining.

Chortle, 29th October 2017

Who is the unsung hero of the Fringe and why?

Some people are just about to get a little less unsung...

Chortle, 25th August 2017

Micky Bartlett's inforgettable five

'A woman sang Halo by Beyonce through a tracheotomy hole'

Mickey Bartlett, Chortle, 24th August 2017

What gets you through Edinburgh's toughest days?

Comedians on how to de-stress.

Chortle, 21st August 2017

What's the worst room to perform in at the Fringe?

Edinburgh's biggest dives, by the comedinans who play them.

Chortle, 17th August 2017

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