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Matt Winning: review

You may not, after the show, be able to recall every example he gives of the impending climate catastrophe, but you will probably recall some of the amusing jokes he makes to build his case the next time you come across that rare person still sceptical about climate change.

Keith Mckenna, British Theatre Guide, 24th February 2020

50 best jokes from Edinburgh Fringe 2019's shows

As the festival enters its final days, we round up the funniest gags on offer this year.

Alice Jones, i Newspaper, 22nd August 2019

We should all feel 'flying shame' when on planes

Going on holiday is meant to be the one time of year when you forget your worries and let your hair down - but not anymore, because flygskam is here. The word, which translates as flying shame, refers to a growing movement in Sweden which highlights the shame and embarrassment of flying and how this affects the environment.

Matt Winning, Metro, 19th August 2019

Edinburgh Festival fridge #4: Matt Winning

What's on at the Fridge?

Matt Winning, Fest Mag, 13th August 2019

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