Matt Smith (I)

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Video clips

The Graham Norton Show - Ben Affleck was a kids' TV presenter

Graham shows Ben Affleck and the guests some highlight's from Ben's early career as a children's TV presenter.

The Graham Norton Show - Matt Smith spoke to Prince William about playing his Grandfather

Matt Smith spoke to Prince William about portraying his Grandfather on TV and Claire Foy talks about how she dealt with early motherhood when filming.

The Graham Norton Show - Ben Affleck's son played with Prince George & Princess Charlotte

Ben Affleck talks about visiting a soft play centre with his son and realising that Prince George and Princess Charlotte were also there.

The Graham Norton Show - Whovians in the Red Chair

Doctor Who fans take to the Red Chair to ask questions about Matt Smith and David Tennant.

The Graham Norton Show - Graham Norton chats with not one, but two Doctors

Graham chats with Matt Smith and David Tennant about the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.

BBC One - Christmas 2012 Trailer 2

Miranda chases the Doctor, and David Walliams is Prime Minister. Christmas TV Guide

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