Matt Hutchinson
Matt Hutchinson

Matt Hutchinson

  • Actor, puppeteer and stand-up comedian

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What do you think - or hope - the Edinburgh Fringe will look like in ten years' time?

We ask comedians their views...

Chortle, 11th August 2023

Is the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society doing a good job?

We ask comedians their views...

Chortle, 10th August 2023

Do you feel exploited at the Edinburgh Fringe?

We ask festival comedians their view.

Chortle, 9th August 2023

No audience! Fringe stars on the day they suffered every performer's nightmare

Georgie Grier's headline-grabbing plight isn't so rare. Edinburgh veterans from Gyles Brandreth to Robin Grainger share their tales of woe.

Dominic Cavendish and Tristram Fane Saunders, The Telegraph, 7th August 2023

What do you think of the critics?

Edinburgh Fringe comedians give their view...

Chortle, 7th August 2023

What do you think about comedy awards?

For a while it looked as if the Edinburgh Comedy Awards might not happen this year. Would it have mattered?

Chortle, 6th August 2023

What moves can be made to increase diversity at the Fringe?

We asked Edinburgh comedians how the festival could attract a wider range of performers and audiences.

Chortle, 4th August 2023

What are the best things about the Fringe that need to be fought for?

We asked Edinburgh performers to address the biggest questions of the festival, starting with some positvity!

Chortle, 2nd August 2023

The 30 funniest jokes at the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe

Brace to giggle... or groan - comedians headed to the Fringe give us their best gags.

The Telegraph, 2nd August 2023

Three medics in the house

Three shows by medics being staged at Edinburgh Festival 2023...

Caro Moses, ThreeWeeks, 31st July 2023

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