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Mark Dean Quinn

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Several comics and journalists all struck with illness

Mark Dean Quinn has been hospitalised by a stroke and was paralysed down one side; London-based Italian performer Joe Palermo has had a heart attack; Lynn Ruth Miller had what she calls a "mild" heart attack last week, and was later told she had inoperable oesophageal cancer; and John Fleming has been struck with vertigo.

John Flemning, John Fleming's Blog, 19th July 2021

Live review: Mark Dean Quinn Knits: A Comedy Show

For once I'm not quite sure how to approach reviewing a comedy show as when it comes to this latest hour from Mark Dean Quinn it's difficult to know how much of it was what he normally does each and every time, and how much of it was different due to the fact that it was his birthday.

Alex Finch, Comedy To Watch, 7th October 2019

Lunatic fringe should be treasured

Comedy needs eccentrics and unpredictability, as well as 'names' and no surprises, writes Kate Copstick.

Kate Copstick, The Scotsman, 15th August 2019

Edinburgh Fringe review

The Scotsman, August 2019

Kate Copstick interviews three of the weirdest comics

Interviews with Mark Dean Quinn, Michael Brunstrom and Gary Sansome.

Kate Copstick, Broadway Baby, 21st July 2019

30 of the best rated comedy acts returning to Fringe

These 30 comedy acts received four- and five-star reviews from The Scotsman critics in 2018 and they're returning to the Fringe in 2019.

The Scotsman, 17th July 2019

The double act that'll change every day

Personal crises force duo to get creaive.

Chortle, 28th July 2018

Malcolm Hardee Awards 2017 winners

Terry Alderton, Mark Dean Quinn and Rob Kemp were the winners of the 2017 Malcolm Hardee Awards at the Edinburgh Fringe.

British Comedy Guide, 26th August 2017