Louise Taylor
Louise Taylor

Louise Taylor

  • Actor and writer

Louise Taylor is an actor and writer.

Year Production Role
2024 Leicester Comedy Festival Self
2023 Women in Comedy Festival Self
2023 The Camden Fringe Self
2023 A Pinch of VAULT Self
2023 Vault Festival Self
2022 Women in Comedy Festival Self
2022 Katie Norris and Lou Taylor: Edinburgh's Next Top Models Self
2022 Creative Writing 2.1 (as Lou Taylor) Susan
2021 Dirty Gaming Writer
2021 Dirty Gaming Girlfriend
2021 Clap for Singles Ensemble Actor
2021 Phone Lady Writer
2021 Phone Lady Lou
2021 Save The Bill Murray (as Lou Taylor)
  1. E1 - Tim Saves Bill
2020 Shopping in Lockdown Writer
2020 Shopping in Lockdown Shopper
2020 90s Girls Ensemble Actor
2020 90s Girls Writer
2020 Life In Pictures
View episodes
  1. E3 - Scare Tactics
2018 Modern Horror Stories
  1. E7 - Have targeted ads gone too far?
Ensemble Actor
2018 Will you get off with my mate? Writer
2018 Will you get off with my mate? Louise
2017 Smooth Operator (as Taylor Trash) Writer
2017 Smooth Operator (as Taylor Trash) Woman
2017 Skankee Candles Writer
2017 Skankee Candles Candle Lover
2016 Behind The Curtains
  1. E3 - The Fright Before Christmas
  2. E4 - Half Cut
2016 Keep Calm... it's Halloween Woman
Stage name
Taylor Trash
Lou Taylor
Funny Women Awards 2023
Stage Award (Semi-Finalist)
Funny Women Awards 2021
Stage Award (Longlisted (Lou Taylor))
Funny Women Awards 2020
Stage Award (Heats)
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