Lenny Sherman

  • Actor

Video clips

Don't Overthink It - Locking The Car

Tom has locked his car. Or has he...? He'd better just go check to be on the safe side.

Child Star

A former child star struggles to settle into civilian life as he navigates his way out of the entertainment industry. A film written by and starring Mark G Smith about finding your place, knowing your worth and moving on from your past.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes. Skin care, organic vegetables, pot plants, fine cheeses, rare salts... Has it all gone way too far? What will they try to sell you next in that subscription box?

Get Noticed!

Work meetings can be tough - to succeed as a career woman, you need to be a tough lad.

The Car Boot Sale

A short comedy film following people trying to sell their things at a car boot sale.

A Quickie In The Office - Episode One

Is it okay to fart in the office? Should women wear strap-ons to rectify the gender pay gap? And what do you do if your co-worker appears to have the plague?

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