Video clips

Hullraisers - Going Into labour during your wedding

It's the day of Toni and Craig's wedding but will a couple of minor interruptions spoil their big day?

Hullraisers - Dramatic gender reveal party

Toni attends a gender reveal party for her nemesis, Leanne, and soon realises that other women consider her partner Craig a 'hunk'.

Hullraisers - Secret drugs ring?

Rana asks Toni and Paula for help when her mum is suspected of being in a drugs gang.

Hullraisers - Husband flirting

Toni tries to prove she's the 'flirt master' after realising her neighbour is more than just friendly towards Craig.

Hullraisers - Taking banter too far

Toni struggles to come to a decision after Craig's proposal and Rana battles an irritating colleague and his 'banter' in the police force.

Hullraisers - Proposing

Toni is stunned to learn that Craig's mum has a much younger partner before Craig gives Toni another surprise.

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