Video clips

Ruby Speaking - Thank yourself

When was the last time you thanked yourself?

Bloods - Has Jo gone too far?

Maleek and Wendy attend a patient at a house party, Gary and Kareshma try to give Tasha a New Year to remember, Darryl and Darrell make a life-changing decision, and Jo & Loz take their relationship to the next level...

Bloods - Maleek has had enough of Spencer

Maleek and Wendy come to blows with Spencer, Gary and Kareshma go head to head with the nurses, and Jo rushes to Loz's side after a terrible accident...

Bloods - Brutal Marriage Rejection

Darryl discovers that his UK Visa is about to expire and is looking for a green-card marriage to stay with his best friend.

Bloods - Gary's Road Rage

Wendy & Maleek find themselves at a workplace accident where the odds aren't looking good for their patient Leon, Gary takes the driver's seat whilst Kareshma takes the lead with some unexpectedly nightmarish patients, and Jo tries to balance her love of Loz and hatred of George...

Bloods - Chicken Shop Emergency

Wendy and Maleek find themselves in a hostage situation in a Chicken Shop.

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