Video clips

The Real Witches... - Witches be Bitches

Minerva and Lilith are looking for a new secretary for the coven, but it's not so simple these days...

How To Be Maggie: With Maggie P - Maggie P Breaks down 7 top looks

Maggie goes on a journey to the past by analysing her fashion 'fa-pas'.

How To Be Maggie: With Maggie P - What's In My Bag with Maggie P

Seriously though, what IS in Maggie's bag?

How To Be Maggie: With Maggie P - Makeup Tutorial with Maggie P

Maggie P shares her super simple makeup routine whilst trying not to think about that embarrassing thing she did when she was 15.

The Real Witches... - We Hired an Exorcist

Will the witches finally rid their house of Evil Daisy the possessed pencil or will their plan be foiled by a checks notes an art curator that has been magically turned into a Sharpie?!

The Real Witches... - The Missing Person Case

Episode SynopsisReal witches Minerva and Lilith must deal with the aftermath of turning innocent normie, Daisy, into an HB pencil. When her boyfriend, Daniel comes calling they need to think fast or face dire consequences.

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