Shani And Me. Kate (Kate-Lois Elliott)
Kate-Lois Elliott

Kate-Lois Elliott

  • Actor, writer and producer

Video clips

How To Be Maggie: With Maggie P - Maggie P Has A Breakdown

Maggie P has a breakdown during an unboxing video.

How To Be Maggie: With Maggie P - What's In My Bag with Maggie P

Seriously though, what IS in Maggie's bag?

How To Be Maggie: With Maggie P - 11 Questions with Maggie P

The VAGUE camera crew turn up at Maggie's house without warning, to ask her their legendary '11 Questions'.

How To Be Maggie: With Maggie P - Makeup Tutorial with Maggie P

Maggie P shares her super simple makeup routine whilst trying not to think about that embarrassing thing she did when she was 15.

Shani And Me - Episode Four

Kate has to face up to some harsh truths now. Just as she's about to give up on the entire thing she gets a phone call - from Shani Wallis herself! Shani tells her to stop.

Shani And Me - Episode Three

Kate's friends hold an intervention but it's too late, she's too far gone. She imagines the scene from the film of the story of her visiting LA and stares at the view from the top of a hill as Bon Iver plays in her head.

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