Jonathan Pryce

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Hysteria - Trailer

Featuring: Hugh Dancy (Dr. Mortimer Granville), Maggie Gyllenhaal (Charlotte Dalrymple), Jonathan Pryce (Dr. Robert Dalrymple), Felicity Jones (Emily Dalrymple), Rupert Everett (Edmund St. John-Smythe), Sheridan Smith (Molly).

Genius With Dave Gorman - Series 1 Highlights

Featuring: Dave Gorman, Catherine Tate, Jonathan Pryce, Stewart Lee, Frank Skinner, Johnny Vegas, Germaine Greer.

Genius With Dave Gorman - A-bear-toirs

From Series 1, Episode 3 of Genius With Dave Gorman. Featuring: Dave Gorman, Jonathan Pryce.

Clone - Clone Unveiled

From Series 1, Episode 1 of Clone. Featuring: Jonathan Pryce (Dr. Victor Blenkinsop), Stuart McLoughlin (Clone).