John Dredge
John Dredge

John Dredge

  • Actor and writer

Video clips


Comedy short about a man's regret for a very awkward situation. After Andy bumps into a woman and causes her to drop her bag, he tries to apologise, but his embarrassed rambling only makes the situation worse.

Child Star

A former child star struggles to settle into civilian life as he navigates his way out of the entertainment industry. A film written by and starring Mark G Smith about finding your place, knowing your worth and moving on from your past.

The Actual Truth: Cancel Culture - Censoring TV?! Two White Men Debate BLACKFACE

The Actual Truth investigates censorship on television, and Thomas challenges Netflix's decision to remove blackface from their programmes.

The Actual Truth: Cancel Culture - Our STATUES are being SILENCED!

Thomas Wrinklesmooth investigates the Statues Debate, and finds out what the public think of the toppling of Edward Colston.


Three warring sisters carry out an audacious, if unlikely, heist - to steal their dead mother's ashes from their estranged ex-gangsta father ... at the wake.

Top Of The Pops chart rundown

Here's a VHS capture of an old rundown of a 1982 Top Of The Pops chart countdown. We're not sure we remember all of these bands?

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