John Parman
John Parman

John Parman

  • American
  • Director, producer, stand-up comedian, writer, business person and improviser

John Parman is the regular compère at the Holly Bush, Cradley Heath and is available as a clean, edgy fill-in compère

John Francisco
Home town
Berkeley, California
Resident of
United Kingdom (Dudley)

From Berkeley, California, a virgo middle child.

John Parman is a married immigrant who loves nothing better than trying out the limits what British people can stand from Americans.

John writes daily and regularly compères new material nights at the Holly Bush 53 Newtown Lane B64 5EA on Thursday evenings. Sallyann married him in San Francisco after a seven year relationship and he started doing comedy on stage the next week. John is a positive male role model to her two children.

John's comedy was shaped by the unforgettable experience of growing up in Berkeley, California, running radio shows with Catholic nuns and ex-priests, editing small town newspapers, acting, places in America where the police pay you to go to jail, and what it is really like to create a team to win the under 21 European men's basketball championships.

Nevertheless, he will be in touch with all respondents; know if you have approached him, you are safe.

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