Joe Sutherland
Joe Sutherland

Joe Sutherland

  • Actor and stand-up comedian

Video clips

The Skincare Olympics

Night-time routines are no joke, but when you're representing your country, it's goodbye to your quick wash and hello to a 7-step routine. Who's gaining the gold(en glow) and who is going to be left high and dry (skinned)?

The Comedy Guide To Life - Dating

Suzi Ruffell is joined by Erika Ehler, Joe Sutherland, Sukh Ojla and Joe Wells to discuss the highs, the lows and the other lows of the dating world.

Hypothetical - Joe Sutherland's identical twin

James Acaster meets Joe Sutherland's identical twin - a man with a hint of chicken in his accent and an unusual enthusiasm for Alabama's poultry.

Roast Battle - Post Roast: Sophie Duker & Joe Sutherland

Sophie Duker and Joe Sutherland reflect on some of the best jokes of their battle.

Roast Battle - Does Jamie Laing know how to make a soggy biscuit tax deductible?

It's Sophie Ducker V Joe Sutherland and Ivo Graham V Jamie Laing in Episode 2 of Roast Battle Series 4. There's only one question on everyone's minds though: does Jamie Laing know how to make a soggy biscuit tax deductible?

Dragony Aunts - Tackling Social Media Envy

Crystal and Candy solve some pal problems. Joe Sutherland wants to stop feeling jealous of his friends' Insta-perfect lives, while self-declared introvert Yen needs their help with making friends.

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