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Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr

  • 51 years old
  • English
  • Writer, stand-up comedian and executive producer

The Naked Jape: Uncovering The Hidden World Of Jokes

By Jimmy Carr and Lucy Greeves

Is Man the only animal that laughs? Why are clowns so scary? Do jokes make children more intelligent? Are men funnier than women? Can God take a joke? What's brown and sticky? What do you get if you cross a joke book with a vivid, funny and fascinating look at what makes us laugh?

Join top comedian Jimmy Carr and his best friend and fellow joke-lover, Lucy Greeves on a whistle-stop tour of the strange and wonderful world of jokes. From the mysterious pygmy jesters of Ancient Egypt to today's stars of stand-up comedy, via Shakespeare, Freud and Lenny Bruce, this journey is by turns thought-provoking and hilarious.

And with a connoisseur's selection of over 400 of the best jokes ever told, The Naked Jape will be sure to find your funny bone.

First published: Thursday 2nd November 2006

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