Jain Edwards
Jain Edwards

Jain Edwards

  • Actor and writer

Video clips

Don't Overthink It - Burglars

Tom can't sleep, there's strange noises coming from the flat. Kate thinks he's worried about nothing, but it must be a burglar.

Don't Overthink It - Television

Tom and Kate are watching a TV show that they only watch together. But Tom hates it. But he's pretending he likes it for so long it's too late to go back now.

Don't Overthink It - Deliveries

When a delivery driver asks Tom to take care of a neighbour's package. Tom wrestles with the moral dilemma this now poses for him.

Don't Overthink It - Litterbugs

Tom is so sick of people littering in his local park. Can he pluck up the courage to confront them?

Don't Overthink It - Mistaken Identity

Tom thinks he's recognised someone he knows in the restaurant but devastatingly he's wrong. But now he's already waved at them.

Don't Overthink It - Complaining

Tom knows better than to complain in a restaurant. But Kate has other ideas.

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