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People Just Do Nothing - Grindah and Beats on their inspiration

The boys from Kurupt FM talk about what inspires them and their lyrics.

People Just Do Nothing - Series 3 and Series 4

Grindah and Beats have some good news... chuck it in your advent calendar.

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People Just Do Nothing - A Dis One: Kurupt FM Official Music Video

Kurupt FM, self proclaimed pirates of the radio airwaves, bring you their latest music video.

People Just Do Nothing - Deleted Scene - Breaking the Law

This scene wasn't seen on TV. It shows the Kurupt FM team embarking on a mission to upgrade the station's aerial.

People Just Do Nothing's guide to success

Set your goals low so you might be able to achieve them... no one likes a failure!

People Just Do Nothing - Series 2 Trailer B

Meet the people behind Brentford's premier pirate radio station.

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