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Fringe: The viral comedy stars leaping from TikTok to the stage

A number of new comedians amassed huge followings on TikTok during the pandemic. Now some are trying to convert viral fame into on-stage success by performing live at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Ian Youngs, BBC, 20th August 2022

Interviews: Sugarcoated Sisters and Kylie Brakeman

Bring it Online: The Sugarcoated Sisters and Kylie Brakeman chat about their experiences on TikTok.

Funmi Lijadu, Fest Mag, 17th August 2022

What good is sitting alone in your room....

Cabaret on the Fringe has come a long way since The Lady Boys of Bangkok first wowed an Edinburgh audience over twenty years ago with their glamorous variety show.

Fiona Shepherd, Entertainment Now, 6th August 2022

Stars of TikTok make their Fringe debut

After years of disruption, Edinburgh's world-famous Fringe Festival will be back in full swing this year, and social media platform TikTok has decided to get in on the action.

Thomas McCann, Entertainment Now, 4th August 2022

Top picks: Cabaret and Variety

What to see if you're after a subversive performance and a party atmosphere.

Fest Mag, 2nd August 2022

Meet the TikTok comedians taking over this year's Edinburgh Fringe

A new wave of comedy stars has built big followings on TikTok - and now they're heading to Edinburgh. Isobel Lewis meets the acts making the leap from the For You page to the Fringe.

Isobel Lewis, The Independent, 1st August 2022

Fringe 2022: the TikTok stars shaking up comedy

They are young, fresh and already reaching millions -- meet the social media stars trying to break into stand-up.

The Sunday Times, 31st July 2022

Sugarcoated Sisters: Bittersweet Q&A

We chatted to them switching from TikTok to live performance, checking in on yourself and winning Best Newcomer at this year's Musical Comedy Awards...

Funny Women, 26th July 2022

How we plan to stay mentally and physically well at the Fringe

The festival is gruelling - but the Sugarcoated Sisters have a plan...

The Sugarcoated Sisters, Chortle, 26th July 2022

Sugarcoated Sisters interview

Bittersweet is about two hopelessly flawed sisters who move back to their home-town to discover unfinished business lurking around every corner.

Phoenix Remix, 22nd July 2022

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