Grace Campbell.

Grace Campbell

Grace Campbell - The Future Of Men

Grace Campbell - The Future Of Men

Twenty-five-year-old comedian, writer and activist Grace Campbell was born into a political environment that suggested only aggressive, dominant men - like her father Alastair Campbell - were allowed power. Seeing this, she decided that if she wanted to be powerful she had to be like him, a decision that baffled the boys she grew up with.

In The Future Of Men, Grace draws on research, interviews and her own experience to examine how these dynamics and presumptions have shifted in her lifetime, and will continue to change in coming decades. Men have been writing about the future of women since words came into existence - now Grace returns the favour with this sharp, funny and personal essay.

First published: Thursday 12th November 2020

  • Publisher: Unbound
  • Pages: 64
  • Catalogue: 9781800180116

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