George Egg.

George Egg - Anarchist Cook

George Egg - Anarchist Cook

If you like food, you'll like this.

Internationally acclaimed comedian George Egg is also a rather fanatical self-taught cook with a somewhat anarchic approach to making meals. As obsessed with culinary matters as he is with comedic ones, and finding himself dissatisfied with the quality and cost of takeaways and room-service meals while touring the stand-up comedy clubs of the world, George embarks on a project to take matters into his own surprisingly capable hands. A surreal and absurd mix of stand-up comedy and striking innovation.

First released: Tuesday 17th December 2019


  • Includes 15 minute interview, and 2.5 minutes of cut bits.
You can buy a 'physical version' of this show. It's three recipe cards containing all the instructions you need to recreate the food George cooks in the show, alongside the download code to stream/download the show.