Peter Serafinowicz to host Million Dollar Secret show for Netflix

Thursday 30th May 2024, 10:24am by Jay Richardson

Peter Serafinowicz

Peter Serafinowicz is to host a Traitors-style competition series for Netflix in which contestants can win $1 million.

With the working title Million Dollar Secret, the show sees one contestant saddled with a $1 million prize as the other 11 players fight to hunt them down and claim it for themselves, US entertainment website Variety reports.

According to Netflix, "the million-dollar prize is won by one of 12 players right at the start of the first episode. Now, the others will hunt them down - eliminate the millionaire and the money moves to someone new. When should they strike? Too soon and they become the target; too late and they may never get the money.

"Meanwhile, the millionaire can try to get rid of the cash if the heat becomes too much. This is a game of strategy and alliances, where predators can become prey in the blink of an eye."

Brian Butterfield creator Serafinowicz enjoys a US profile thanks to Amazon Prime's live action adaptation of superhero cartoon The Tick and appearances in Parks & Recreation and the Guardians Of The Galaxy and John Wicks franchises, and will present eight 45-minute episodes of Million Dollar Secret, which is produced by the London-based Wheelhouse UK with Spoke Studios.

Earlier this month, British Comedy Guide revealed that as Butterfield, Serafinowicz is releasing his debut live comedy special and publishing his first book.

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