Lee Mack's Taskmaster task too far

Sunday 25th February 2024, 2:14pm by Jay Richardson

Taskmaster. Lee Mack. Copyright: Avalon Television

Lee Mack once had sex with Greg Davies watching.

Mack appeared on Taskmaster in 2021 because his children were big fans. But because of Covid restrictions, they weren't allowed to attend the filming.

For his son's birthday though, he asked one of the producer's if he could borrow the show's trophy, the golden bust of Davies' head. However, they couldn't decide which of his children's bedrooms it was going to go in. So to prevent arguments, he put Davies' likeness in the bedroom he shares with his wife.

"It was the annual lovemaking in the Mack household," he disclosed to Richard Herring on his podcast, RHLSTP. "The moonlight hit it, I caught a glimpse, it ruined the moment."

Mack also revealed that he's finding it harder to remember lines nowadays. So on his long-running sitcom Not Going Out, he's taken to surreptitiously hiding them behind a magazine or on a coffee cup in the scene to steal a reminder while filming.

But "we did an episode with a rat" he recalled. "And I couldn't remember my lines so I just put the words in [its cage]. They said 'action', I go over to the cage. And the little fucker's ate it!"

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