Rachel Parris declines becoming brand ambassador for "normal" sex

Thursday 30th November 2023, 2:04pm by Jay Richardson

Rachel Parris

Rachel Parris was asked to be the face of a sex toy company, she has revealed.

Speaking to Russell Howard on his Wonderbox podcast, the Late Night Mash host recalled performing at the Bath Comedy Festival when it was sponsored by Lovehoney, manufacturer and a leading retailer of vibrators and other erotic aids.

The company asked to meet after her show, gave her a "goody bag" of their wares, but then surprised her by asking if she might consider becoming a brand ambassador for the company.

Unfortunately, their pitch was not flattering.

"They said: 'We think you'd be a great face to normalise sex toys with people'," Parris recalled.

"Not to glamourise it, not to make it look good.

"Or for people to be like, 'wow, what a gorgeous woman!'

"To normalise it. For people to be like, fuck it, if Rachel Parris uses it, I suppose anyone can! ... 'Look at that normal lady having sex!'"

Parris was responding to Howard's suggestion that Josh Widdicombe ought to do pornography, rather than more conventionally beautiful and athletic adult stars.

"He looks like he'd be a very tender lover," Howard reasoned. "He just looks like a normal, average guy."

Elsewhere in their interview, Parris shared details of a musical she's planning to write.

"I like the idea of it being about a songwriter who is commissioned to write things for other people, for other purposes, and then finding their own voice in song writing," she explained.

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