Bobby Mair serves up revenge on 'chicken wire' troll

Wednesday 18th October 2023, 9:03am

Bobby Mair

Bobby Mair has filmed himself driving 150 miles to confront a man who has been trolling him for over 10 years by posting the words 'chicken wire' over and over again on his Facebook page.

Mair has posted the resultant video of the confrontation on his social media accounts:

In the video, he explains: "10 years ago, I was on stage in Birmingham. Some guy shouted out 'chicken wire'. I got off stage and assumed it was the end of it, but no, every time I post on my Facebook fan page for the last 10 years he comments and writes 'chicken wire'.

"But he made a mistake! He used his real name. I found him on LinkedIn. I know where he works now. So today I'm driving 150 miles to EE [phone shop] in Dudley to pay him a little visit."

The video then shows him walking into the shop and repeatedly shouting 'chicken wire' at the man, adding "I win, you lose", and explaining to the other staff "this is years in the making, he's been trolling me for 10 years, and now I win!"

The man has clearly been bugging Mair, as in a 2018 First Gig Worst Gig interview with British Comedy Guide, the comedian mentioned it as his worst gig, saying: "Once in Birmingham someone shouted 'chicken wire' and I said 'what did you say?' and for some reason just wouldn't let it go. I just needed to know but this voice in the darkness wouldn't tell me. It ruined the show, I ended up getting off stage early and then to this day a few guys who were at this show constantly post pictures on my Facebook wall of chicken wire. It's never-ending bullying."

We suspect that might be the end of the man's posts now.

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