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Last year, Starlings got that difficult formula for cosy comedy drama exactly right: visits to the Starlings brood in Matlock were warm, funny and welcoming without quite descending into vomitous tweeness. So it continues with the series-two opener, where a mishap for young Charlie (Finn Atkins) and a new suitor for matriarch Jan (the gently authoritative Lesley Sharp) bring threats we know very well the family will eventually overcome. This year, Cherie Lunghi joins the superb cast.

Jack Seale, Radio Times, 2nd July 2013

A drama named after the noisiest, most in-your-face of garden birds was never going to be a shy and introspective affair. And so it proved: you have to shout to make yourself heard in the Starling household, the nest feathered by redoubtable matriarch Jan (the ever watchable Lesley Sharp). Season two picks up where the first left off, the mix of soapy melodrama and knockabout comedy focusing on tomboy daughter Charlie (Finn Atkins), who's been in the wars.

Carol Carter and Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Metro, 2nd July 2013

In tonight's episode of the clean-cut, sweet-natured comedy - think of it as the Larkins in Derbyshire - Loz (Matt King) and Fergie (Steve Edge) fall out over Loz's new girlfriend (Dolly Wells), Bell (Rebecca Night) and Reuben (Ukweli Roach) see a counsellor and Charlie (Finn Atkins) is offered a trial at Derby County much to the delight of her father (Brendan Coyle), who spots a chance to meet a former hero.

Simon Horsford, The Telegraph, 22nd June 2012

The sweet nature of Starlings is proving infectious thanks to an endearingly observant script by writers Matt King and Steve Edge. Tomboy Charlie (Finn Atkins) joins dad Terry (Brendan Coyle) in the family business, Reuben (Ukweli Roach) begins a new job in spite of interference by Fergie (Edge), and Uncle Lodz (King) gets a shock at his first art show.

Simon Horsford, The Telegraph, 18th May 2012

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