Emma Freud

Thompson and Rickman DID live happily ever after

While Love Actually may have left audiences with a warm, fuzzy feeling the world over; it's certainly left many with unanswered questions.

But script writer Emma Freud went some way to putting those queries to bed this week when she live tweeted during husband - and the film's director - ]Richard Curtis's first cinema experience of the 2003 rom-com classic.

Becky Freeth, Daily Mail, 15th December 2015

Miranda Hart interview

Her hugely popular sitcom is coming to an end - but Miranda Hart is happy to find her star waning.

Emma Freud, Radio Times, 3rd December 2014

Richard Curtis reveals he may be getting married

Writer and director Richard Curtis has revealed that he may finally walk down the aisle with his long-term partner Emma Freud.

Kirsty McCormack, The Daily Express, 12th April 2014

How I turned into comedy establishment's most hated man

The film-maker Chris Atkins descibes his extraordinary legal battle to screen a Panorama exposé of dubious investments from British charities - and the ensuing backlash from celebrities including Lenny Henry, Emma Freud and Duncan Bannatyne.

Chris Atkins, The Independent, 13th December 2013

Comic Relief's Emma Freud remembers red face day

Emma Freud, co-creator of Comic Relief remembers the chaos of its early days.

Monkey, The Guardian, 29th January 2013