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Comedian Ed Patrick to publish anaesthetist book

Comedian Ed Patrick, who also works as an anaesthetist, is to publish a memoir called Catch Your Breath.

British Comedy Guide, 11th June 2021

The doctors & part-time comedians on the NHS front line

For comedians who work in hospitals, the pandemic has been a sobering experience.

Jay Richardson, i Newspaper, 27th April 2020

Infectious Personalities review

Given there have been talk shows and panel shows based on just about every topic known to man, it's a surprise there hasn't been a medical-themed one - until now.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 22nd March 2020

Radio 2 reveals Funny Fortnight pilots

Radio 2 has revealed a raft of comedy pilots, which it will broadcast across two weeks in March under the Funny Fortnight strand.

British Comedy Guide, 7th February 2020

Edinburgh Fringe Golf result

The winner of this year's Mackenzie Taylor Memorial Cup is Edinburgh resident and comedian Jim Park.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 22nd August 2017

Why the Fringe is a perilous place for comedians

Electrocuted by a faulty microphone, taking a punch from a drunken audience member, plummeting through a theatre's unsecured trapdoor - the comedian's life is not without peril.

Jay Richardson, The Scotsman, 16th August 2017

Fringe clinic #4: exercise

Comic and medic Ed Patrick shares tips to keep you Fringe fit.

Ed Patrick, Chortle, 13th August 2017

Is there a doctor in the house? Luckily yes. Onstage.

Comedian and junior doctor Ed Patrick had to pause his show yesterday to attend to a collapsed audience member.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 10th August 2017